We Help Two

This is the third time I have had the opportunity to collaborate with my friend Bethany and her awesome company We Help Two. We had a great time creating content for their website and upcoming sock launch. Want to know more about this awesome company that gives back to the community? Keep reading!

untitled-176untitled-335untitled-320untitled-136So how does it work? Pre-sell packs of these beautiful, bright, and comfy socks and your organization keeps 60% of the sales. Here comes the fun part….. for every set you sell you will receive one pair of the warm gray socks that can be donated to a local shelter in your town or city. Warm socks are the most needed, least donated item, in shelters across our country! Want to know how many people have been helped by the efforts of We Help Two and and their partners?!!! Keep reading!


Since my last post We Help Two has partnered with schools, individuals, families, and many organizations to raise money and help the homeless through the sale of funky socks! Two complete well/clean water stations have been established through this partnership. Four Hundred legs have been provided to amputees and 62,000 pairs of warm socks have been donated to the homeless.  In addition, $331,000 has been raised for various causes including: adoptions, summer camps, mission trips, outdoor learning centers, animal rescue centers, Down Syndrome Awareness, a trip to Disney for a family losing their son to leukemia, and tons of other amazing causes.

We Help Two has socks in all 50 states and are quickly moving into Canada! I am honored to work with this amazing company and all of their wonderful partners!!


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