We Help Two


When I heard my friend Bethany Bergman had started a new company, I just knew it was going to be something amazing… and she didn’t disappoint! The more I learned about We Help Two the more excited I became. We decided to collaborate on this fun photoshoot to help spread the word on this unique opportunity for individuals, schools, and organizations to raise funds while spreading love and hope to those in need! Keep reading for more info!


So how does it work? Pre-sell packs of these beautiful, bright, and comfy socks and your organization keeps 60% of the sales. Here comes the fun part….. for every set you sell you will receive one pair of the warm gray socks that can be donated to a local shelter in your town or city. Warm socks are the most needed, least donated item, in shelters across our country! One example of how this campaign is changing lives is through a partnership with Limbs International. For every 75 sets of socks sold, LIMBS will provide one prosthetic leg to an amputee through their partner clinics around the world. I am so excited to follow the local and global impact We Help Two will have through their amazing fundraising and service driven efforts!!

To find out more please visit We Help Two at: wehelptwo.com and LIMBS at: limbs international.org

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